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Events and Happenings!

We have some upcoming events that we are certainly looking foward to. We will attend our first Stillwater Chamber of Commerce meeting next week. We are excited to be out "meeting and greeting" people. The Chamber offers new members the opportunity to have some radio advertising and our radio ad will start airing next week as well. The Payne County fair is going on, this will be a great opportunity for socialization of dogs; be on the lookout, we will be there sometime during the fair. If you see us out there, be sure to say hello to us and ask us about the dogs we are working with.

We will be working with a labrador retriever in the next few months. She is hoping to become a service dog for a youngster struggling with mobility issues. We hope to have a great report upcoming about her progress and hopefully a couple of pics of her. We are working with a young pup that is in the running to go to guide dog training to become a guide dog for a vision impaired handler. We are socializing and building confidence and have high hopes that she will make the cut. The training for a guide dog is lengthy and arduous so they only take the cream of the crop. We have had a few contacts looking for help training their dogs for mobility assistance and we are looking forward to helping these handlers and dogs reach their goals.

Be sure to check out our website and subscribe to our email list to receive all the latest info. Follow our Facebook (Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center) and Instagram (Brush Creek Service Dogs) to see training and event pictures and videos.

If any of you would like to get some obedience training on your pups, please contact us. We have CGC Evaluators that would be happy to work with you to get your dog Canine Good Citizen Titled.

Thank you for your time reading our blog and supporting us. We certainly realize that our mission would be mission impossible without the support of our friends and our community.

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