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Our Fearless Leader/Executive Director/Trainer

Tracy Berg

Tracy has been working with dogs in different specialties for many years.  She started at 15 years of age in California working for a protection dog trainer walking dogs in down town San Francisco and socializing them to crowds, putting basic obedience on them and helping move and hold dogs for protection work.  


In 1996 and 1997 she worked with SAR (Search and Rescue) groups training for wilderness searches in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  


After that she moved on to the German sport of Schutzhund and learned many great things from Dean Calderon and his club in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

In 1999 she opened Brush Creek Dog Training & Boarding, Inc. and spent several years boarding dogs of all breeds.  At the same time she helped clients with obedience, search and rescue and protection classes.


While operating the boarding facility she also specialized in breeding German Shepherds for the last 23 years and that endeavor is now known as vom Haus Berg German Shepherds. She has a background in search and rescue, obedience training, protection dog training, and schutzhund.  

Tracy holds the titles of board member, Executive Director and trainer, but she is really the driving force behind Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center. She had a vision and has been working tirelessly to bring that vision into reality as well as maintaining all her usual jobs.

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