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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Disorder

If you know a veteran in immediate crisis please call 988 option 1 to reach the veteran crisis line or text to 838255

We, at Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, Inc. desire to empower our Veterans and First Responders to gain a sense of control over their lives; to restore some normalcy to their lives. A dog can help facilitate that, the dog provides routine and responsibility that will encourage the handler to move into a routine; the dog also provides non-judgmental companionship, and we can all use a little more of that.

We are not going to explain here what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Syndrome is or does, if you are here looking for help you know better than we do what PTSD does.  If you are a family member and are needing to learn more about PTSD and how a dog can help with that, because you have a loved one that you believe could benefit, then please scroll down and see the links at the bottom of the page.  

We have also linked some research at the bottom of this page that will help explain the benefits of a PTSD Service Dog.

Where to start?

The application at the bottom of the page is the place to start.  Click on the pdf file, you can either use a pdf editor and fill it out online or print it out and fill it out.  This is an extensive application that will give us the information we need to assess the best fit.  We strive to match a dog to the handler's ability, lifestyle, mobility, personality and psychological needs. 

This dog will serve as your partner so filling out the application as completely as you can will help us have a better understanding of your current situation and your future goals; this way we can facilitate the best fit for your partnership.

What to expect

Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, Inc. will use the information we gathered through the application to ascertain what tasks beyond basic tasks the trainers need to pour into your new partner. The advanced tasks pointed toward your specific needs will be trained in classes, in public outings and in practice scenarios.  These specific tasks are meant to help bring a calmness and sense of security into your life, thus enabling you to live a more fulfilling life.  Some benefits you might expect to receive from your dog partner are:

  •         Increasing and securing your personal space by the position of the dog

  •         Improving sleep, the dog will wake you from nightmares

  •        The security of knowing your dog can summon assistance when needed if         you are unable to

  •        Feeling less stressed knowing that your dog can bring calmness to you              anytime

  •        Your dog can help facilitate more comfortable public interactions

What happens after training?

When the task training is complete, a trainer will spend some time with you introducing you to your new partner. We will follow up with you two weeks after placement to make sure everything is still in order.  You can then expect us to follow up each month for the first 6 months, and every 3 months for rest of the first year.  You will need to recertify annually.  Staff is always available by phone, email, text, or video call if needed between follow ups.

Veteran, David and Sage


We invite to you read through the following information to see if you meet eligibility requirements. You must:

Be a veteran of the U.S. Military, any branch, honorably discharged, or First Responder with a medically substantiated disability.

Be physically and cognitively capable of participating in the training process.

Be able to meet the financial requirements of providing for the Service Dog, including food, supplements, vet care, ongoing training needs and other incidentals necessary to the well-being and longevity of the dog.

Be able to meet the physical and emotional needs of the dog and have a support system in place to take over if/when you are unable to.

Be in a stable home environment.

Have a realistic plan for use of the Service Dog.

Professionals that work with military organizations to provide physical and mental healthcare to veterans are also eligible if they would like to have a facility Service Dog.

If you have your own dog that you would like to train then check out our Owner Trainer Program page.

If you have any questions about eligibility please feel free to call

405-372-8990 or send an email to

If you would like to help us meet our mission of supplying service dogs to our Veterans, and First Responders at no cost to the recipient, please visit our volunteer page or donate page to see how you can help. And as always our mission would be mission impossible without the support of our community.  Thank you for allowing us to be able to serve those who have served us. 

PTSD Service Dog Application. Fill out and email to

or mail to:

Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, Inc.

6507 S. Brush Creek Road

Stillwater, OK  74074

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