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Our desire is to serve our local communities and our great state of Oklahoma.  With this in mind, we are offering an owner-trainer program in person in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Eventually, we will branch out into online offerings.  If you would like to have your dog assessed to see if he or she is a good candidate for a service dog, please email us at with the subject owner trainer program. We will accept any breed or any size of dog into the program, that can show an acceptable aptitude towards the work. ​

We offer different levels in the program, depending on what you need for your dog.


Level 1 is Canine Good Citizen Certification. If your dog already has that title, you can skip to level 2.  If not we will discuss with you what your dog needs to attain it and decide whether you need to attend classes with us, or if you just need to polish up obedience and get evaluated.


Level 2 will be for a dog that will not have the privilege of public access, but will have obedience and specific tasks to help you out at your home and other public places where any dog is allowed.  This dog will not be certified and will not be granted a "service dog" vest. This would be for a dog whose assessment shows he/she is not a good candidate to be out in public encountering various people and other animals, a dog that does not have the focus to work for long periods of time, or other various issues.

Level 3 will be aiming to get full certification and thereby earning the public access and the protection that the ADA offers. When this level is achieved this team will be granted a "service dog" vest and credentials showing certification.

To apply for the Owner Trainer Program, please click on the PDF and fill it out and either email it to or mail to: Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, 6507 S. Brush Creek Road, Stillwater, OK  74074

Owner Trainer Program Application

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