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Dr. Suzanne Burks

Director of Counseling for Service Dog Candidates/Psychologist/ Board Member

Dr. Suzanne Burks has lived in Stillwater since 1968 and she received her Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 1990 and worked over 30 years at Oklahoma State University Counseling Services.  Dr. Burks served as Director from 1998 until her retirement in 2016.  During her tenure at O.S.U. she developed an emergency response protocal for counselors.  Additionally, she supervised Student Disability Services and often worked with the O.S.U. police department and the Stillwater Police Department.

Suzy can often be found at vom Haus Berg German Shepherds, loving on dogs and puppies, washing water buckets and food bowls, or doing whatever needs to be done.  Dr. Burks has been a volunteer for over 20 years!

As Director of Counseling for Service Dog Candidates, Dr. Burks interviews candidates to determine what their needs are that will enhance life for the perspective owner.  

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