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Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay 


If you would like to host an event for Bush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, we would be so grateful and we have ideas to help you with getting started. If you work in an office you could inquire about having a "Dress Down for the Dogs Day". During the holidays, is a great time for a "Sleigh Run", almost any event will be enhanced by doing it on behalf of Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center! If you extend an invitation to us, we would gladly make a visit with dogs during the event.

Every event is more fun when it serves an important purpose and we feel like our mission to put a service dog in the hands of people who need them at no cost to the recipient is an important and honorable purpose.

Examples of possible events include:

  • A golf tournament

  • Yappy Hour at your favorite venue

  • A Karaoke event

  • Dog and Car Wash

  • Raffles and Auctions

  • Bake Sale for people treats and dog treats

  • Puppy shower for our dogs about to give birth

  • Doggy art sale

  • Fun runs

  • Puppy kissing booth at your parties

  • Host a Jeans Day

  • Poker Run

  • Restaurant giving day or hour

The ideas are endless! If you need suggestions or advice, contact us at and put "host an event" in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center, Inc.

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