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October Adventures of Gia and Archer!

Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center had some great adventures in October with a couple of our therapy dogs, Gia and Archer. We have tales to tell and joy to share. From the assisted living and memory care facility visit in the Oklahoma City Metro to exploring all the sights and sounds of the Tulsa State Fair, our furry companions have continued to touch the lives of everyone they meet.

During our visit to the assisted living and memory care facility, Archer and Gia put into practice their hours of training and exhibited their gentle nature, engaging with and bringing comfort and joy to the residents. However, a humorous incident unfolded when one kind-hearted resident unexpectedly offered Gia some milk duds. We graciously declined the offer; chocolate can make dogs sick and the well-being of our dogs is our first and foremost priority. Archer encountered a playful challenge, enduring a few amusing smacks from a pool noodle. With her good-natured demeanor, she adeptly diffused the situation, demonstrating remarkable composure and ability to handle even the most unexpected situations with grace. This is paramount for a therapy dog, there are always unexpected situations.

We are thrilled to share that our visit left a lasting impression, prompting a heartfelt invitation to return to the facility. The residents’ excitement and genuine connection with Gia and Archer underscores the profound influence of therapy dogs in promoting well-being and fostering a sense of community. We are eager to continue our mission of bringing comfort and joy to those in need. We have our next visit set up for the first week in November.

The adventure continued for Gia and Archer as they embarked on an exciting trip to the Tulsa State Fair, where they were immersed in a world of new and stimulating experiences. That environment cannot be replicated, the bustling crowds and delightful array of scents and sounds, both dogs took in the vibrant atmosphere, embracing the diversity of the fair with their characteristic steadfastness and enthusiasm.

Gia and Archer’s recent escapades in the OKC Metro and the Tulsa State Fair have exemplified the profound impact of their presence in various communities. Their unwavering spirit, resilience, and ability to bring joy to people from all walks of life are a testament to the extraordinary power of the human-animal bond.

We invite you to be a part of our journey at Brush Creek Service and Therapy Dog Center. Your support and involvement play a pivotal role in enabling us to continue making these heartwarming encounters possible. Stay connected with us for updates on our upcoming adventures. Our mission of spreading love and joy and a little happiness through animal-assisted interventions would be mission impossible without the support of our community. As always you can donate by texting servicedog to 53555 or visit our website at to donate and please sign up for our email newsletter. Keep an eye out, we will be launching an auction for a dog training session soon.

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