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Our mission to place service dogs in the hands of those in need at no charge to the recipient means we rely on community support to carry out this mission.  You can help by sponsoring a puppy as he/she makes their way through the process to becoming a great success.

Sponsor a Team Placement – $25000

Support a hero in training from inception to placement with a disabled individual for the working life of that team.

Name a hero! – $2500

Every hero needs a name! Name the puppy you sponsor. Sponsoring a puppy will support his/her journey through puppyhood and beyond. 


Sponsors will receive a birth certificate and photo of their sponsored canine and quarterly updates on their puppy’s training and progress.

Equipment Sponsorship – $500

Sponsor the cost of a working team’s special equipment, training vests, harnesses, collar and leash.

platinum sponsor

Gold level sponsor

Silver level sponsor    jw

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami
Image by Jamie Street
Image by Anoir Chafik

can we use Superstar or Champion maybe? We need to make sure these numbers match the numbers on the donor page.

Kid and Dog
Dog's Portrait
Girl Hugging her Dog


Protect a Superstar Puppy – $250

Sponsors heart-worm and flea/tick medication for one puppy for one year.

Feed a Superstar Puppy – $100

Provides premium nutrition for 2 puppies for one month.

Superstar Puppy Starter Kit – $125

Gets a puppy off to a great start with a vest, toys, collar, leash, bowls, etc.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us today!

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